As shown in the image above, technology is infinitely increasing and advancing. I don't think there will ever be a time in human history where we will not be improving, for it is not in our nature to not be trying. Yet when does the advancement of technology become too much?

Technology causes an increase in the pace of life, but also the pace of life increases technology.

The basis for the increased pace of life is because of the increasing cost of living. As it becomes more expensive to live, especially in urban areas, more money is needed to survive. However, to make more money, one needs to work more, and with more and more people working more and needing more, the competition for everything is increased. This increased competition is kind of like when one person in a mob of people starts running, everyone starts running, and running faster and faster, until everyone is sprinting to exhaustion and then realizing they never knew why they were actually running. Everyone is being caught up in a sprint for capitalistic success, but in the end missing out. Being alive is just having time; when you are alive you have time, when you are dead you do not. So why both waste time by increasing the pace of what time means, and wasting it on trying to accomplish more than what is good.