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Half of marriages end in divorce. This is sad, but this is also the truth. So why is it that every couple always pretends that they are happy when they're in front of other people, if there's a large chance that they are not? It is because self-advertising is human nature. Everyone wants to seem the happiest, so we put up fronts if it is not actually true.

Yeah, so this could be applied to anything. Why are you doing this specifically to relationships? Because unhappy relationships are more often advertised than other deceivingly advertised aspects of life. The facts back it up. According to this article, 40% of married people say that they are unhappy in their relationship. The fact that so many people are unhappy but still married shows how much these relationships are prevalent and misleadingly self advertised. The previously linked article actually gives a "top 10" list of things that parents do to keep up appearances (in other words, self advertise their relationship to other people). In another "top 10" list in this article, one of the top reasons that the couples say they stay together is the "stigma of divorce." Since it is much harder to advertise a divorce than a relationship, this "stigma" can't be spun as easily, showing that unhappy couples don't want to break up because it would be hard to advertise positively. Another reason that these couples stay together is because it is a decision made by two people, not one. I can decide if I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in an instant, but if two people have to come to a singular decision about the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, things get a little more complicated.

So is self advertising in a relationship selfish? In a sense, yes. Lets look at the 60% of married couples that are happy. Since every couple they talk to is probably either actually happy or self advertising themselves to be happy, they aren't able to appreciate enough that they are a happy couple. If everyone looks to be in a happy relationship, there is nothing special about being in a happy relationship. In this sense, people self advertising unhappy relationships to be happy relationships are being selfish. Does this mean that people self advertising their relationships to seem happier are attempting to be selfish? Absolutely not. This is simply the easiest thing to do, so people simply do it.