We used this source to understand the concept of aesthetics and help to define it. The source seeks to answer the question what does aesthetics mean from a philosophical view. The source gives the question what do you see aesthetically in your life. The source is an encyclopedia entry that seeks to define its topic. The source was written by a scholar and so is detailed and confusing, but readable.
Shelley, James. "The Concept of the Aesthetic." Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Stanford University, 11 Sept. 2009. Web. 10 May 2017.
The site helps to define philosophical topics. The organization is Stanford University. This information was written by and is for scholars and discusses the philosophical topic of aesthetics.

JSTOR Articles:

Aesthetics by Ted Cohen
This article discusses the meaning of aesthetics and how it relates to art, and we used it to show the different interpretations of aesthetics. It seeks to answer the question what is aesthetics, and asks how closely does it relate to art. It is based on the discussion of a philosopher about the expanding interest in aesthetics for new philosophers, and is well written and fairly easy to understand.

Texts We Have Read:

Celebrity Status by Charles Kurzman
This source discusses the idea of celebrity, which can relate to birthdays as celebrity birthdays are popular in media. The source seeks to answer the question of celebrity within the social statuses discussed by Max Weber. It asks the question of further research into celebrities. The source was written by philosophers studying social status. It is complicated but well written.