So do things actually happen when you don’t post them to Snapchat? or Twitter? or Instagram? or Facebook? The irony behind human interaction with modern technology lies within the user, and the value that online and technological actions hold in our society. Most advancement to technology in recent years has no real value when it comes to the ease of human life, however these developmental additives hold such importance in our lives. Our society is completely capable of functioning without these outlets of “communication”. The development of social media might seem like an improvement, but only distracts us from interacting with the world around us. Instead of taking a picture ofa sunset to enjoy it later or (god forbid), just enjoying the sunset with our own eyes, we take the picture to add #nofilter, and post it to see how many people like it. Social media feeds off of our need for social acceptance and recognition. We are aware of the ingenuine actions over the internet, and we’re all guilty of them. Despite this evident awareness that our own actions online are not from the heart, our reception of online actions to us tell a different story. We are overjoyed when people like our photos, or comment on our posts. We waste time editing pictures, and thinking of captions, and planning out how we will receive recognition from our online community. The irony is our ignorance to the fact that nothing over social media is completely genuine to our real lives, however the actions we receive over the internet affect our emotions and play out into reality.

Connection vs. Division
Metaphysicality of the Internet
The Primary Purpose
Online Image
Preservation of Memory