ally: Concussions and Social Life

Amaya: Cheerleading: Is it a Sport or Not?

Andreas: Philosophy of 3


Brigie and Julia: Gendered Behavior and Notions in Bathrooms

Campbell: The Denial of White Privilege

Claire: Non-Homosexual Homosexuality

Duncan and Mason: Philosophy of Conformity

Eliza and Will and Christian: Underachievement in Teens

Emery & Gabe: Demoralization

Helen Olivia Rose: The Philosophy of Cults

Jacob: Games as Distraction

Jay: Introduction to Social Thought about Gender

Julian: Vibes

Justin, Jay and Ben: Nature and Naturality in the Modern Age

Kate, Aly, Maya R-W:

Lily and Juliette Philosophy of Education Track Standards

Lucas and Justin and Julius: Birthdays

Lucy: Philosophy of a Good Deal

Marley and Nora: Ethics of Economics and the Environment

Maiya: Suburban Romanticizing of Suburbia

Maya and Sebastian: Philosophy of Binge Watching

Natalie and Kayleigh Philosophy of Work Ethics

Sam: The Loudness War

Sammy C and Olivia C: Hook Up Culture

Skylar, Amelia, Aaron: Humans and Phones: Cyborgs

Taylor: A Social Analysis on Gender Identity in Children