Victor Z: Reason and Objective Morality

Philip and Oliver: APP Culture

Charles: The Character, Morality of Digital Personalities: Video Game Interactions and Escapism

Jessica: Normalized Prejudice in Mainstream Society

Erica and Catherine: The Philosophy of Recording

Jonathan and Jake: The Canon and Technology: Establishing a Canon for Video Games in a Changing Technology

Brielle, Fiona, Sam: Philosophy of Dieting

Beatrice: Personality Tests

Conor and Jesse: Corporatization of Sports

Neil and Jasper: Visualization of Concepts or the Intangible

Nick and LIv: Counter-Culture Critique

Maddy and Lindsey: Technology and Irony: Social Media

Harris, Alex G. and Andrew: The Philosophy of "Self" on the Internet

Rachel and Alex K: Philosophy of Procrastination

Jordan : Gender Roles

James: Ethics of Awareness Campaigns

Sophia: Language and Technology

Kyra: Philosophy of Instagram