How to Use Widgets

by Catherine, 2014 Phil and Comp
If you click on the "Widget" button, there are a number of different tools you can use to edit your page.

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Helpful Video
This youtube link is really helpful for figuring out how to use four of the widgets: Table of Contents, References/Footnotes, Embedded Video and Embedded Slideshows.


This is used to link to other pages you created in the project (or to other pages in other projects) and to outside webpages. Outside links: The best way to use this feature is to already be on the website you want to link to on a different tab in your browser. Copy the url, go back to your PhilCol page and set the cursor where you want the link. Click on the link button and type the text you want to be as the button for the link. Paste in the url into the appropriate box, and save. For links to other pages, you can create a page by clicking on the link button and following the directions, or you can link to an already existing page by typing in the name of the page you want.

Table of Contents

This widget works in accordance with the "Headings" choices in the editing taskbar. Use the "Normal" font for the majority of your writing. For headings like the ones above, use any of the other fonts, like "1. Heading" or "2. Heading". The Table of Contents will just be a blank box while you're editing, but when you preview or save your page, it will turn your headings into links. You must use the headings provided for the Table of Contents widget to recognize what you want to turn into a link.


Similar to Google Docs, you can use the comment tool in the editing taskbar to leave comments and notes around certain texts. While editing, highlight a part of the text that you want to leave a comment on, then click the Comment button. A little comment box will appear where you have highlighted, and you can write inside of it. When editing or previewing the page, the comment box will appear to the right of the text, and you can click on it to highlight the text and see what has been commented about it. Like this.

Additional Pages

To make a new page that is separate from the home page, go to the right side of the screen and find the option "Pages and Files". Next to it there is a little plus symbol (+) that will say "add pages or files" when scrolled over. Click it and you can add new pages to your wiki.


Sometimes the headings and the normal font are a bit glitchy, and will make headings larger than desired. Rather than making them smaller headings (which would result in increased indentation on the TOC), the font tool can be accessed in the editing taskbar. Next to the bold, italicize and underline buttons, there is a button with a "T" and a painting palette. When clicked, you can play around with the font size and make some words bigger than others, without messing with the TOC functions.


by Bradley
Go to and press the "Login" button in the top right. When asked to input the username, enter "woodruffsurveys". When asked to enter the password, also enter "woodruffsurveys". From here press the "Create Survey" button and follow the directions to make said survey. When you have added all of your questions, press "Next" on the top right. You should now see the six options shown in the screenshot below.Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.38.09 PM.png
Choose "Embed on Website". Then choose "Embedded Survey." Adjust the sizes to your liking, press next, and then copy the big scary code in the block. Go back to your wiki page, and under "Widget" go to "Polls." Choose "Other Poll" and paste the big scary code into the empty block. Save this, and voila! Your poll is now entered on to your wiki page!

List of Pages

by Lucy
Tag all of the pages within your wiki (I tagged them as my name). Then, go to the widget bar. Find the list of pages widget in the widget bar. Click on it, and then type in your tag. Then save it and you'll see a list of your pages!