How to automatically play ANY music you want in the background of your site

By Julian

1. Log onto YouTube and make a playlist containing all the songs you want in order.
2. Go to your playlist, arrange it how you want, and then click share.
3. In the window that pops up, click embed, and then show more.
4. Uncheck both Show player controls and Show video title and player actions.
5. A link to copy will appear. Before you copy it, change the height and width to 1. For example, if the link contains width="560" height="315" change it to width="1" height="1"
6. At the end of the YouTube url but before the "frameborder" parameter, type &autoplay=1. For example, change to
7. The last three steps made it so the music will autoplay invisibly in the background of your site. Now, copy the link.
8. Go to your PhilosophyColloquium site, and click the Widget box at the top. Then click Video, and then Other Video.
9. Paste the link in the box and press save.
10. Preview or save your site to hear the music automatically play.
11. Tell your audience to thank you in advance for their bumping soundtrack.

For a preview of the final result, check out