The Philosophy of Coffee and other Stimulants
by Nastya and Juliet


Introduction: Why Coffee?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. You can spot almost anywhere at least one person walking down the street with a coffee cup held in hand. No matter the time of day, coffee is offered twenty four hours always. It has become a fad and an addictive habit. It is what keeps people alert and on their toes. It improves the performance in daily life activities, by giving bursts of beneficial energy and alertness for a certain amount of time to the consumer. For centuries it has been popular and many renowned people of the past and present rely on it, and/or consider it their favorite beverage.

In these articles we want to address the popular culture of drinking coffee and taking stimulants
for assistance in everyday life, both due to addiction, personal needs and social norms. In addition, we will explore the reasons of their constant use and different peoples' outlook, trying to notice patterns to spell out why do we rely on these substances? What started all of this and who are the participants of this hobby?


The article, written by Steven Topik, touches upon the subjects of coffee that we chose to research. He expands on the many benefits of the drink and the popularity it has upheld since its discovery. He mentions how it "enhances productivity" and how the drink has become a social drug that humans interact with. Topik refers to it as a true legal drug that has been so significant in society, that it even played a part in its development and its building of the base. It united countries in trade and became a global product. It has been a reason for many businesses to flourish, friendships to form and it has helped many become more productive in their actions, improving their lives.

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