In psychology, the hero fantasy describes an individual's daydreams, and how they show a personal desire to be one capable of great, heroic, feats (hence the name). These fantasies are often used during moments of stress or frustration, where an individual imagines something new occurring in order to manage what they are feeling. A good example of this would be an office worker getting caught in traffic and imagining that they had the ability to fly so they could manage to get home faster. This hero fantasy is what drives media to include such immense amounts of firearms, destruction, and violence, as there are some people who enjoy how powerful they can feel when they are immersed in an experience such as a film or a game. However, it is entirely possible that someone, in having these desires for power and recognition, could attempt to attain and use a gun due to both how they offer the user a large amount of power, and for the fact that they are relatively easy to obtain in this country. This could escalate into a person wanting to purchase more guns in an attempt to feel even more powerful, which is (obviously) a very large problem. Furthermore, this desire to be a hero in American society can be seen be a massive desire to carry a concealed firearm on their person, as they could potentially "save" another (or themselves) and become a hero in their eyes.